Pay729 and how it works

When you sign up for a Pay729 service for Woldpay you will be able to choose a dedicated Secure Payment Telephone number to represent your business and to allow all your telephone payments to be secured over a central service.

When the customer wishes to pay by card over the telephone, employees simply dial 729 using their telephone keypad during the active call and the payment process is started.

The customer and merchant use their telephone keypads to securely enter their transaction details and payment card information ensuring both party can carry out the payment without payment card information needing to be read out over the telephone call.

Q. Can I use Pay729 with my mobile telephone?

A. Yes Pay729 calls can be diverted to a landline or mobile telephone number. This number will be set up and can be changed in your portal.

Q. I am currently receiving a fine for non-compliance on my monthly statement from my payment provider. Can using your service remove that fine?

A. If the fine is because you are not able to process telephone payments without asking for your customers card details on the call, then yes Pay729 can save you non-compliance             charges.

Q. I already have a merchant account with a payment provider, can I use that?

A. Yes as a Pay729 merchant you will have a direct merchant account with your chosen payment / acquiring partner.

Q. I already have a telephone number do I have to replace it?

A. No your Pay729 number can point to your existing number. Or you can port your current numbers and use that. 

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